Entering The Healing Temple®

At the end of the day...
this is what women are saying:

“I feel exhilarated, full of love, beaming. Everything is again possible. Nurtured in the deepest sense.”

“This is a powerful structure and guidance for SELF-discovery. Safe. No cross talk. No sabotage.”

“It was very well organized. Delivered all that I expected.”

“I feel relaxed, re-energized. Secure in knowing I am on my right path — that I have perceived it correctly and am at peace with the changes coming into my life.”

“Many thanks to you, and ALL the practitioners for the integrity of the work and their presence.”

A month later...

“Thanks for such a lovely day in Arcata. That was a deeply healing day... intention and silence combined with many and varied healing contacts... on a saatvic diet with adequate hydration... in the company of trusting/trustable fellow travelers. And the setting was perfect... thank you for your service. Here’s to a well-lit trail! Thanks for the use of your lamp.” 
—Kelley, Southern Humboldt '15  


Eight months later...

"I wanted to write you to tell you how my life changed after “Entering The Healing Temple: A Day of Sanctuary for Women” in February 2017. That day was profoundly healing in so many ways - I find it has helped me find not only my voice, but also the confidence and courage to embrace changes to what my life looks like on a day-to-day basis.

"After the beautifully orchestrated day, and the nourishment of my soul at the Healing Temple, I decided to explore more healing with one of the practitioners. This has literally changed my life: after four sessions I was able to find the courage to embrace a 90 degree change to what my life now looks like. I continue with her guidance in the path of healing…” 
—Jude Chastain, Leavenworth '17