Trinidad, CA
November 3, 2018


Are you long overdue for a day devoted to your own nurturing?

Do you need to recharge your batteries?
...and get some perspective on your life?

This is a guided, many layered journey that will feel like a cross between a meditation retreat, a ritual and a healing spa.


You are invited to surrender into receiving: to be nourished, supported and witnessed within a intimate group of women.

You will spiral many times through the choreographed rhythm of the day—receiving mini-sessions from four healing practitioners who will help catalyze and integrate your experience; reflecting, alone, with your journal; and sharing, in a small facilitated group.

This is a focused, private event for a select group of women who are excited by the prospect of having sacred time, space, and the support of community to dive into their deeper work.

Seven staff will be serving the 15 women who participate in this journey.

If you are feeling called, come join us!

This will be your time: to explore, shift, or otherwise transform something that is “up” for you, in your life.

Entering the Healing Temple® is a new form: one that makes sure that body, mind and spirit are all attended to, in a clear, integrated and powerful way.

In the past 4 years, women in Maine, Michigan, Washington State, and California have attended 20 Healing Temples… and loved them.

Still, in the scope of things, very few women have had the opportunity to experience anything quite like this.

So, come.

Let’s break some new ground, and make some magic together: 

Entering the Healing Temple — A Day of Sanctuary for Women.

Melinda, a gentle creator of safe sacred space, will be your Healing Temple Guide


Melinda Jeanne Pedersen
Certified Facilitator,
The Transformation Game™

Melinda: “My passion in life is to create welcoming space for individual and community transformation. As a healer I hold the lantern high with compassion and faith in your ability to access, trust and follow your inner wisdom. Partnering with the conscious and unconscious realms, I enjoy using tools that offer clarity on your path, insights for your journey, self-awareness, direction and hope. I bow to the transformative impact Entering the Healing Temple, A Day of Sanctuary for Women can have for those who attend. A participant from the Arcata Temple this April shared with me, ‘The day was life changing. Felt like I had been on vacation for a week! An amazing day focused on me.’ I am honored to Guide another Temple this November.”

 Information about the location, registration fees, etc. can all be found here!

The Healing Temple Practitioners


Tina George Dawson

Tina: “I come to you, a massage and craniosacral therapist, a doula, a yoga and meditation guide, a medicine maker, and a practitioner of the Tarot and magical arts; experienced in helping women birth, heal from pain and trauma, and change and transform their lives. I am happy to serve in this Healing Temple as your Tarot guide, your witness to the Tarot’s archetypal images. Come, let’s share in the beauty, color, and symbolism of the cards—there’s an opportunity here to deepen your awareness of how your psyche plays a role in the development and the journey of your lifetime.”


Sarah Griffith, DC

Sarah: “I am so thrilled to be offering Craniosacral Therapy to women Entering the Healing Temple! I love the centering and deepening into Self that comes from receiving this gentle hands-on work, and trust you will feel more awareness of your own Essence, Soul, Magnificent Flow. In addition to 20 years of traditional Chiropractic methods, I have used Craniosacral Therapy in my practice for more than a decade to help patients—from newborn to elder—embody more completely. My desire for this Healing Temple is to offer you a gentle way to settle more completely into your body and abide within.”


Uma Till, CMT

Uma: “I went to IPSB, International Professional School of Bodywork, in 1992 for massage training. Since then my practice has been informed by my journey and I have had the opportunity to study one-on-one with many healers and masters of their trade: Craniosacral with Mary Whiller; Raindrop therapy and essential oils with Tara Alder at Alderbrooke School of Healing Arts; the Molina Method with Othon Molina; Reiki master attunement with Sarah Love, to name a few.  I love to work intuitively with each person, working with all the inner bodies through touch. At The Healing Temple, I am excited to tune in with you and give you the full body, mind, and soul-care, and the relaxation you deserve.”


Gabrielle Zeitlin, CMT, #49142

Gabrielle: “Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient modality with Taoist roots. It is holistic and integrative, utilizing deep and gentle touch applied to the abdomen along with the breath, and has the capacity to bring your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects into alignment. I have been passionately practicing this work for a decade, and I continue to be moved by how simple and yet profound it is: how gracefully Chi can move once it is recognized by the breath, felt in the belly, and listened to with the heart. I can think of no better time and place to recognize our breath, feel our bellies and listen to our hearts, than in The Healing Temple.”

Keeper of the Flow


Kari Greene, CMT, Owner, Instructor
Spirals of Life Wellness Institute

Kari: “I began my path as a healer 30 years ago when I became a bodyworker. Since then I have shared my skills with thousands of people. I hold a calm, clear, compassionate space for those that seek healing. I am inspired to teach and learn, for we are all students and teachers. This year I share my long-held vision for a school of healing arts, Spirals of Life Wellness Institute. The spiral has been a sacred symbol in my work and life for many years. In The Healing Temple, I am honored to hold a grounded, nurturing presence and support the flow of the day as you spiral in and out of each experience The Healing Temple offers.”

Food & Flowers Deva


Jessica Wadja, Seed to Savor
Personal Chef Services

Jessica“I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share The Healing Templeexperience with you! I am a Vegan & Vegetarian Chef, focusing on healthy comfort food made from whole, organic foods. I infuse Reiki into all of my dishes and set the intention of food acting as nourishment–and more importantly, medicine. I believe that cooking for others is an expression of love. As owner of Seed to Savor Personal Chef Services, my passion is to share the importance of eating clean, having environmental consciousness and creating sustainability. Organizing women’s gatherings focused on community, wellness, and transformation, my purpose is to create space that supports you to feel safe, and inspired to come into your greatest gifts. Welcome to The Healing Temple.”

Do you have questions?

Melinda very much welcomes good old-fashioned phone calls, too!

 (707) 499-7861
If you miss her, she’ll call you back soonest.


Saturday, Nov 3, 2018 9:40 AM to 5:30 PM PST


Lotus Moon
514 Ewing Street
Trinidad, CA
(Felines on premises.)



Melinda Pedersen
(707) 499-7861

Registration Fee

$395.00 per person