“Katherine is deeply intuitive, compassionate, insightful and wise. She is a Touch + Energy Master, and I only wish that I still lived near her so as to continue to receive her impeccable care! Her work, be it hands-on, spoken, written, or otherwise artfully delivered, is incisive and empowering. Katherine knows how to skillfully and lovingly cut to the chase of what is most Essential. She is a rare Being in every regard, and embodies the highest integrity. Do not miss the chance to experience her work!” – Terry Lilian Segal, Cleveland

Rapid Eye Technology

“This work is stunningly effective. It’s like a fast-track method for honing in on the subconscious voice that needs to be heard, so it can heal from trauma or patterns... for me, it helped me become free from some deeply held beliefs... I could let them go.

“I went in to see Katherine for a massage, but arrived all flustered about a run-in I’d just had with a friend, who’d really lit into me. Instead of having a massage, we did RET – and I discovered huge, old thought patterns around thinking that I need to please everyone, always wondering “what did I do wrong?” and needing people to approve of everything I do.

“Another time, I came in to work on a deeply-held pattern around sexual trauma — in both instances, the RET was profound, deeply helpful, almost surgical in its ability to get to the root of the issue. I’d highly recommend this over talk-therapy.” – Sheryl M., Port Townsend

Akashic Records Reading

“I feel a deep peace. And a sense that all is unfolding as it’s supposed to, in my life. That I don’t need to worry anymore. (The reading) confirmed some ways that I have been approaching things in the past couple of years, like being part of the flow, instead of trying to control the flow.” – Sheryl M., Port Townsend

“The information I received really resonated to my personal questions. It was clear, and it was all interrelated. It was helpful to hear some of the suggestions that came through, and I'm putting them into practice right now. It's helping me with my awareness: I have a different way to interpret what's going on, because I have a new perspective on how to look at it. I'm connecting the dots in a new way, and ...it's helping.” – Polly M., Fort Lauderdale

"The Akashic Record Reading with Katherine was pivotal to my healing. I had been going through a deep process involving some very old, past-life traumatic energy. This energy was expressing itself through incredibly painful physical symptoms, and I felt emotionally raw and vulnerable. When I had my reading with Katherine (the Goddess of Insight!), she was able to bring through information from a past life that was causal to my present-day struggle. She presented it to me with such compassion and tenderness that I was able to hear it, accept it, and know its truth. Within a very short time, I moved into forgiveness and integration -- and was free of the painful and vulnerable physical symptoms. Thank you so much, Katherine!" -- Caban R., Kauai