Empowered , © 2007  Rita Loyd

Empowered, © 2007 Rita Loyd


August 21 – September 15, 2018

For the good work of


Note: Emily Levy, who is all about Tech-Ease for Techies, invited me to participate in this fundraiser for racial justice — where women who offer VIP Days for their clients, do so, with a good chunk of the proceeds going to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLCenter.org). SPLC has been doing amazing work for racial justice and to end bigotry for over 40 years. Even though I’m smack in the middle of enrolling Entering the Healing Temple — THE TRAINING, I felt compelled to respond: the SPLC catalyzed one of my first “wake up” moments as a young adult, when they were seeking legal defense funds for the 1974 trial of Joan Little. I am deeply moved by their work.

As a healer/priestess/activist, I’ve had a number of people asking me, “How am I supposed to know what to DO in these insane times? How can I make any difference in my community, in the direction of the country, in the state of the world?”

It seems we all want to find a way to “Be the Change,” but aren’t always sure how to go about it.

You might feel overwhelmed, confused, disoriented, or otherwise unable to get a clear vision and some traction about how to be part of creating a world that works for everyone. You feel kind of at a loss. At the same time, you feel a sense of urgency — like you need to do something, now. You just don’t know where to start.

The way I see it, here’s what you need to do:

  1. You need to know your essential nature. This helps you know what your “wiring” is — your gifts, your challenges, and what you’re here on the planet to do. Once you know your essential nature, it’s like giving yourself permission to be yourself — trusting that what you bring and who you naturally are, without even trying, makes a difference.
  2. You need to look at things from a larger perspective than you ever thought possible. When you do that, you’re no longer IN the chaos... you’re seeing it. Which makes it possible for you stop feeling battered around, swirling in the mess of it, and to get your bearings. And you’ve got to get your bearings, to be effective as a change-maker.
  3. You need to get “into” your body. When you’re afraid, you’re contracted. Your shoulders might be pulled up or in. When you’re angry and helpless, you might be feeling nauseous... or getting migraines. You can’t take a deep breath. It's like you’re not quite plugged in: you’re not grounded, so can’t really hear the messages from your body. You’re not clear, and in contact with your deeper truth. You tend to over-ride your needs for a break, for sleep, for touch, for the right food, for help. So being in your body means opening up a conscious mind-body connection, so that you can hear those messages, heal yourself more quickly, and contribute to the positive things that are calling for your attention.

I can help you with each of these things... and you have two options.


Knowing Your Essential Nature & Taking a Larger Perspective

We will talk up to half-an-hour on the phone (by September 15th), in which I will share with you your essential nature. The information comes from a system that is neither Western nor Eastern, so it doesn’t have the usual symbols and archetypes that we are used to working with. At the end of our time, I will show you how you can learn more about it, on your own. 

  • Number of Essential Nature Consults: 10
  • FEE: Pay-as-You-Will
  • Donation Rate: 100% (minus merchant fees) goes to MayanFamilies.org


Getting Into Your Body

We will talk up to half-an-hour on the phone (by September 15th), to see the best way that I can help you, in this realm. If it seems like a good fit for us to work together in a Private Retreat Day, I will send you the program description and questionnaire, and “where we go, from there.” If there is an option that more closely fits your needs, I will share that with you, or refer you to someone else who can help. FEE: None

Embodiment 101: How to “Hear” Your Body’s Messages — So You Can Heal Yourself More Quickly, and Show Up in the World from a Place of Wholeness, Freedom and Deep Connection

Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused about how you can best “Be the Change?” Here’s the thing: it’s really hard to walk the talk when you’re not in your body… which means being able to cut out the noise, and listen deeply, so that your actions in the world can come from a place of grounded, centered clarity. Yes: even when there’s a hurricane in your kitchen, or the President has sent out another unbelievable 4am Tweet. Let’s connect, and see how I can help you — wherever you are on the path.

  • Number of Private Retreat Days Available: 2
  • You may schedule your Private Retreat Day anytime up until the end of 2018
  • FEE: $2497 (minus $500 if you've ever attended a Healing Temple)
  • Donation rate: 50% goes to the Southern Poverty Law Center: SPLCenter.org