Western Central Maine
April 27, 2019


Are you long overdue for a day devoted to your own nurturing?

Do you need to recharge your batteries?
...and get some perspective on your life?

This is a guided, many layered journey that will feel like a cross between a meditation retreat, a ritual and a healing spa.


You are invited to surrender into receiving: to be nourished, supported and witnessed within a intimate group of women.

You will spiral many times through the choreographed rhythm of the day—receiving mini-sessions from five healing practitioners who will help catalyze and integrate your experience; reflecting, alone, with your journal; and sharing, in a small facilitated group.

This is a focused, private event for a select group of women who are excited by the prospect of having sacred time, space, and the support of community to dive into their deeper work.

Eight staff will be serving the 15 women who participate in this journey.

If you are feeling called, come join us!

This will be your time: to explore, shift, or otherwise transform something that is “up” for you, in your life.

Entering the Healing Temple is a new form: one that makes sure that body, mind and spirit are all attended to, in a clear, integrated and powerful way.

In the past 5 years, women in California, Maine, Michigan, and Washington State have attended 23 Healing Temples… and loved them.

Still, in the scope of things, very few women have had the opportunity to experience anything quite like this.

So, come.

Let’s break some new ground, and make some magic together: 

Entering the Healing Temple — A Day of Sanctuary for Women.


Christine, a catalyst for deep transformation, will be your Healing Temple Guide.

Christine Merchant, MA

Christine: “I felt drawn to The Healing Temple the first time I heard about its creation from my long time friend, Katherine Macomber Millman, of Insight Bodywork. I first participated in a Day of Sanctuary for Women in Port Townsend, WA, in September 2017.  After a lifetime career in many kinds and types of education, as a trainer, coach, teacher/facilitator, project manager and human services administrator, in life and in work, I’ve discovered that times of transition are the most rich for growth and development, when we are pushed to the limits of being human, beyond what we know. Most recently, I’ve been exploring what it takes to consciously receive, care for self, and “put one’s own oxygen mask on first,” while simultaneously care-giving/partnering.  I appreciate how the process of transformation is accelerated by using multiple healing modalities—hands-on and hands-off—within an intimate group of women, using a well-structured and facilitated format. Designed for uber-busy women who want to take a powerful pause, in a mostly-silent day that integrates body, mind and spirit, Entering the Healing Temple provides a sacred container for self-care... and for transformation. “I’m so happy to be offering this healing opportunity in Maine!”

 Information about the location, registration fees, etc. can all be found here!

The Healing Temple Practitioners


Dee Powers, RCST®

Dee: “I am a Biodynamic Craniosacral and Polarity Therapist and a Reiki Master. Studying in New York, New Mexico, and Colorado. I have been practicing since the 90s—and I love my work. It has been life changing for me in a gentle, thorough way. What I’ve learned is that our bodies talk: we hold our “issues in our tissues…” and our mind sometimes gets in the way. So I use my hands to listen to your body. I sit with quietness, calmness, and a gentle listening, to create an atmosphere for your system to deeply resource and renew. I’m excited to offer these sessions during the Healing Temple! I love helping you resolve the effects of stress and trauma in your life: in that, this work has endless possibilities!”


Annette Parlin

Annette: Hello! I refer to myself as “someone who heals with words.” I am able to see and communicate with ghosts and spirits and have been able to do so all my life, a gift that seems to have been passed down from both sides of my family for generations. In a reading, I commonly see visions of spiritual and animal guides or loved ones. Their personal messages can be very comforting and healing. I am honored and humbled to participate in this special day, and look forward to sharing with you when we meet together! Follow me on Facebook.


Julie Gammon, LMT, TYB

Julie: “I love holding sacred space for you to explore your divine Self. I am honored to bring Thai Yoga Bodywork to the Healing Temple. It is such a powerful and deeply rejuvenating experience. I specialize in many ways to nourish your body, mind and soul, and Thai bodywork is the ultimate expression of that. The gentle stretching, joint opening movements, and acupressure will allow your vital life force to flow freely and you to experience your divine Self in all its glory! I look forward to assisting you on your path to health and joy.” JulieGammon.com


Pia Louise Capaldi

Pia: “I grew up as a sort of feral child, learning from animals and being fascinated by their natural understanding of the world. My intuitive abilities (clairvoyance, clairsentience) were constantly nurtured and supported. As a Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive and Shamanic Embodiment Practitioner, my intention is to help you connect with your own intuitive abilities, to guide and direct your life towards love and fulfillment. All the answers are there, within... you just need to know how to listen. Whether it’s through intuitive guidance sessions, group workshops focused on dance and embodiment, or hands-on healing, guiding others to open to their own power is the greatest joy I have ever experienced. I am so honored to share time, space and wisdom with you at the Healing Temple.” PiaLouiseCapaldi.com 


Ruby Rubin

Ruby: “I’m honored to share Reflexology—one of my true passions from 30 years in the helping professions and healing arts. It is said that the strength of the Soul is equated with strength of the Sole. Receiving foot Reflexology is a beautiful way to work towards resilience in your whole body, as feet provide your foundation and grounding. To love and care for them is to love what you stand for and connect to. In the the Healing Temple, I invite you to relax, breathe and feel your feet—coming into balance, and enjoying a sweet interconnectedness with Mother Earth and the Souls that inhabit it. Much gratitude to a special soul, Ruthie, my service dog, partner and teacher, for leading me into animal advocacy work.Carol-Rubin.com

Keeper of the Flow


Jenna Margaret Hinkley, RYT, LMT

Jenna: “Hi! I’m Jenna, a  licensed massage therapist, Reiki master teacher,  bodyworker,  yoga and meditation teacher and natural health advocate with a deep love for the healing arts. I currently run Big White Barn Yoga Studio, along with Zenbody Holistic Healing. I bring a unique attention to detail and a close, intuitive, spiritual connection to my practice. I enjoy sharing my acquired knowledge with absolutely everyone! In the Healing Temple, I will be welcoming you to our beautiful place, guiding the rhythm of the day as you move in and out of each experience with our gifted practitioners. I am honored to hold a grounded, nurturing presence to softly allow you to let go, and open to receive all that the Healing Temple has to offer.” JustBeProject.com

Food & Flowers Deva


Deanna Richards

Deanna: I am so excited to be involved with this Healing Temple! Food and cooking are central to my life, both personally and professionally. I minored in nutrition for my undergraduate degree, and am currently in a graduate program studying occupational therapy. When my nose is out of the books, I spend time working on an organic vegetable farm during the summer, and out on the trails, hiking, running, and skiing. I believe that food and nature have the power to bring wellness to the body and I am inspired to contribute towards this day of healing by collecting and creating floral arrangements, and providing a variety of nourishing food for participants to enjoy”

Do you have questions?

Would you like to speak to someone in person?

 Call Christine at (207) 344-7580 and leave a detailed message.
She will get back to you within 24 hours.

“I look forward to connecting with you.” —Christine


Saturday, Apr 27, 2019 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST


Big White Barn
169 South Rd
Readfield, ME 04355



Christine Merchant
(207) 344-7580

Registration Fee

$395.00 per person

Early Bird Deadline:
per person by
Saturday, March 30, 2019