Portland, Maine
November 9, 2019


What might shift for you, in a day devoted to your own nurturing?

What if you gave yourself some spaciousness
...to truly exhale?

This is a guided, many-layered journey that will feel like a cross between a meditation retreat, a ritual and a healing spa.


You are invited to surrender into receiving: to be nourished, supported and witnessed within an intimate group of women.

You will spiral many times through the choreographed rhythm of the day—receiving mini-sessions from five healing practitioners who will help catalyze and integrate your experience; reflecting, alone, with your journal; and sharing, in a small facilitated group.

This is a focused, private event for a select group of women who are excited by the prospect of having sacred time, space, and the support of community to dive into their deeper work.

Eight staff will be serving the 15 women who participate in this journey.

If you are feeling called, come join us!

This will be your time: to explore, shift, or otherwise transform something that is “up” for you, in your life.

Entering the Healing Temple is a new form: one that makes sure that body, mind and spirit are all attended to, in a clear, integrated and powerful way.

In the past 5 years, women in California, Maine, Michigan, and Washington State have attended 27 Healing Temples… and loved them.

Still, in the scope of things, very few women have had the opportunity to experience anything quite like this.

So, come.

Let’s break some new ground, and make some magic together: 

Entering the Healing Temple — A Day of Sanctuary for Women.


Christine, a catalyst for deep transformation, will be your Healing Temple Guide.

Christine Merchant, MA

Christine: “I felt drawn to The Healing Temple the first time I heard about its creation from my long time friend, Katherine Macomber Millman, of Insight Bodywork. I first participated in a Day of Sanctuary for Women in Port Townsend, WA, in September 2017. After a lifetime career in many kinds and types of education, as a trainer, coach, teacher/facilitator, project manager and human services administrator, in life and in work, I’ve discovered that times of transition are the most rich for growth and development, when we are pushed to the limits of being human, beyond what we know. Most recently, I’ve been exploring what it takes to consciously receive, care for self, and “put one’s own oxygen mask on first,” while simultaneously care-giving/partnering. I appreciate how the process of transformation is accelerated by using multiple healing modalities—hands-on and hands-off—within an intimate group of women, using a well-structured and facilitated format. Designed for uber-busy women who want to take a powerful pause, in a mostly-silent day that integrates body, mind and spirit, Entering the Healing Temple provides a sacred container for self-care... and for transformation. I’m so happy to be offering this healing opportunity in Maine!”

 Information about the location, registration fees, etc. can all be found here!

The Healing Temple Practitioners


Caren Leonie

Caren: “I am an intuitive medium, animal communicator, scientist, healer, and singer all wrapped up into one! I have 22 years of professional experience under my belt with clients from around the world, and all walks of life. I help you create your own future. As a Spirit translator, it’s my role to ‘see’ what’s up with you, and together, we’ll create a pathway for you to embrace your truth–in any given situation. Even if we’re tackling a hard topic, I never let you fall! I kindly tell it like I see it, and I’m looking forward to helping you receive both the knowledge you seek, and the inspiration you need at The Healing Temple.” CarenReads.com


Heather Nichols

Heather: “Trusted Astrologer and Tarot reader for over 25 years in the Portland community, as well as phone reader for people all over the world, I find this work satisfying and enjoyable. I was very intuitive as a child and reading cards gave me an outlet to manage in the world. I love this work because it is so emotionally liberating for myself and my clients. I’m looking forward to meeting with you at The Healing Temple!.StonesAndStuff.com


Julie Gammon, LMT, TYB

Julie: “I love holding sacred space for you to explore your divine Self. I am honored to bring Thai Yoga Bodywork to the Healing Temple. It is such a powerful and deeply rejuvenating experience. I specialize in many ways to nourish your body, mind and soul, and Thai bodywork is the ultimate expression of that. The gentle stretching, joint opening movements, and acupressure will allow your vital life force to flow freely and you to experience your divine Self in all its glory! I look forward to assisting you on your path to health and joy.” JulieGammon.com


Sylvie Letellier

Sylvie: “Prior to working as a Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner, I had a rewarding career working with children. Through the years, my search for ways of staying well opened my eyes to more holistic health care methods and led to my training in these practices. As someone who loves to learn and grow, I served on the Executive Board of the Maine Council of Reflexologists, allowing me to stay current in this field. I believe we are all searching for ways of being well…not just getting better. My experience has demonstrated that various holistic health care modalities can offer new possibilities for taking care of ourselves. I’m looking forward to offering this “window to the sole” with each of you at The Healing Temple!” FabulousFootworks.net


Tania Zuckerman, SBT, RYT

Tania: “I’m a Therapeutic Breathwork Practitioner and Reiki Level II Certified. There’s a reason we are encouraged to take a deep breath to help reduce stress, and feel centered. For centuries conscious breath practices have been known for their deep healing and purification benefits. I’ve been guiding individuals and groups in empowering Breathwork Journeys since 2005 and continue to be amazed at the restorative, therapeutic, deeply healing and integrating results of this work. For this Healing Temple, you will receive a personalized guided breath practice followed by hands on Reiki. Whether it is to connect to your own “spiritual muscle,” tap into the depth of yourself, or re-connect to your own intuition—this practice will be a return to YOU!” SpiralDanceBreathwork.com

Keeper of the Flow


Anahita Pajuhesh, MBA

Anahita: “Hi! I’m Ana, a classically trained musician, focusing on piano and percussion. When I first participated in a Healing Temple, I noticed that each of us arrived individually, and left with a unified oneness, much like the kind of consciousness needed to heal the planet. I was also moved by the quiet and spaciousness of the day. Without needing to track time, we were able to safely step outside that system of measurement and hear something deeper. Much like an orchestra composed of individuals, where beautiful music is made in vocal silence with all playing as one, in your Healing Temple, I will be conducting the day with chimes and bells, while you experience a very personal healing journey accompanied by each other and our gifted practitioners. I’m looking forward to holding this sacred space for you.”

Food & Flowers Deva


Roya Hejabian, LCSW

Roya: “Hello! I’m originally from Tabriz, Iran, the country of roses and nightingales, with a rich cultural history of art and hospitality. Inspired by my grandmother’s love of cooking, I become a favored granddaughter as I followed culinary traditions and recipes that she kept close to heart. To me, preparing a meal is more than just putting food on the table. It is an art: knowing the right spices, fresh ingredients, and mixing them carefully to create an unforgettable flavor that everyone will enjoy. I’m looking forward to bringing a Samovar for tea and setting my Persian trays on the table for your nourishment and enjoyment during The Healing Temple. I hope that my food will be ‘nooshe-jan’ to you (as we say in Farsi), literally meaning, may it soothe your soul.” Shiraz Catering

Do you have questions?

Would you like to speak to someone in person?

 Call Christine at (207) 344-7580 and leave a detailed message.
She will get back to you within 24 hours.

“I look forward to connecting with you.” —Christine


Saturday, Nov 9, 2019 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST


Good Medicine Collective
231 York St.
Portland, ME



Christine Merchant
(207) 344-7580

Registration Fee

$375.00 per person