Leavenworth, WA
February 23, 2019


Are you long overdue for a day devoted to your own nurturing?

Do you need to recharge your batteries?
...and get some perspective on your life?

This is a guided, many-layered journey
that will have the feel of a day-long ritual.


You are invited to surrender into receiving: to be nourished, supported and witnessed within a intimate group of women.

You will spiral many times through the choreographed rhythm of the day—receiving mini-sessions from five healing practitioners who will help catalyze and integrate your experience; reflecting, alone, with your journal; and sharing, in a small facilitated group.

This is a focused, private event for a select group of women who are excited by the prospect of having sacred time, space, and the support of community to dive into their deeper work.

Eight staff will be serving the 15 women who participate in this journey.

If you are feeling called, come join us!

This will be your time: to explore, shift, or otherwise transform something that is “up” for you, in your life.

Very few women have experienced anything quite like this.

So, come.

Let’s break some new ground, and make some magic together: 

Entering the Healing Temple — A Day of Sanctuary for Women.


Wynne, a seasoned facilitator and healer, will be your Healing Temple Guide. 

Wynne Stewart, LMT, CHT

Wynne: “I feel both excited and deeply touched to share in this experience of embracing and honoring who we are as women. My gift has always been the connections I make from a heart-felt place, creating an environment that naturally fosters authenticity. My playful, spirited nature allows you the freedom to relax and simply be. The journey of unwrapping the beautiful gift that we are can be hard work, so it’s important that we play as well. My approach holds space for both ends of the spectrum and the gamut in between, allowing for all of who we are to show up.”

 Information about the location, registration fees, etc. can all be found here!

The Healing Temple Practitioners

Sam Switzer

Sam:“I’ve had a strong interest in healing since childhood. As a little girl I would rub my mom’s feet, walk on her back, and massage my friends’ shoulders. I received my Reflexology Certification in 2004 from the Barbara Gayle Institute, and am endlessly interested in massage, oriental medicine, meridians, energy, sound healing, yoga, nutrition and overall mind-body awareness. I believe deeply in the power of retreat, and the need for women to connect to nurture and empower each other. The Healing Temple is a perfect place for all of those things to come together and I’m honored and excited to be a part of it this year. I’m offering foot reflexology to help you relax, feel nurtured, and to light up your self-awareness. I look forward to meeting you!”


Amy Wilder, Brennan Practitioner

Amy: “I feel honored to be a part of this Healing Temple for women. Healing work is my passion! I am a graduate of the Brennan School of Healing Science, a four year intensive training program in the study of Integrative Professional Energy Healing. I recognize and work within the energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates the body. This field underlies your physical and emotional health. I work with you to understand and develop the emotional intelligence within your personal energy field. This will help you heal and/or prevent habitual negative patterns that can lead to frustration and dysfunction in your relationships and in your physical body. I am honored to provide support and healing in your soul’s unique journey.”

Brenda J. Burgett

Brenda:  “I am excited to be a part of the body-mind-spirit journey offered through The Healing Temple. I am humbled to think of the talent that will be there. Though connected with spirit since I was a child, I’ve only allowed my gifts to develop in the last twenty or so years. Now, as a 3rd degree Reiki artist and a practitioner of “Reconnection,” I’m a healer, animal communicator and a medium. I channel those from the other side, as they make themselves available to you. Very much a student and always seeking, I have been blessed to study under many masters including Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Gary Zukoff, Doreen Virtue and others. I am excited to both share with and learn from you!”


Cristina Eppers, LMT, RN, CMLDT

Cristina: “I’m excited to be part of The Healing Temple! As an LMT and RN, I feel I am able to help bridge the sometimes awkward gap between the healing arts and western medicine. As many great healers and spiritual leaders suggest, most of our ailments, aches and troubles can be lessened by nurturing all aspects of ourselves and soothing the spirit with unconditional acceptance and true connection. Healing deepens exponentially and seemingly miraculous change is possible. After all, “we are not Human Beings having a spiritual experience… we are Spirits having a human experience.” I am honored to be able to help support you with nurturing bodywork in this healing retreat.”


Chenae Stump

Chenae: “A tarot session is a frame of reference, a sounding board, a doorway, a compass, and a mystery. Ever since I was given my first deck in 2004, the never-ending layers and uses for the cards have revealed, little by little, its shapeshifting nature. Tarot as a conversation means that the reading calibrates to what you need it to be: grounding or uplifting, deep or lighthearted, confirming or insightful, but always leaving you with the feeling that a subtle yet vital shift has taken occurred–that something has settled into place. As a tarot reader, my studies and practices in dreamwork, astrology, and energy healing serve to compliment my sessions, and I am honored to bring this artful offering to you, at The Healing Temple.”

“Come join us. We are honored to serve you.” 

—The Practitioners

The Keeper of the Flow

Theresa D-Litzenberger

Theresa: “My passion is community and holding space for deep connection among community members. Among several ways that I live out that passion, I am especially honored to be on staff at The Ripple Foundation, the primary sponsor of Leavenworth’s Entering the Healing Temple. TRF is a nonprofit dedicated to compassionate connections and transformational experiences. In holding space at The Healing Temple, my intention is to help create those possibilities for you. I also practice Energy Healing and Heart Math. I deeply love the heart connections possible with oneself and with another.”

Do you have questions?

Would you like to speak to someone in person?

 Call Wynne at (509) 885-4445 and leave a detailed message.
She will get back to you within 24 hours.

“I am committed to helping you get clarity on what you want, what you need, and how to manifest it. No pressure. Just kindness and genuine curiosity...” —Wynne


Saturday, Feb 23, 2019 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM PST


Tierra Retreat Center
12000 Sunitsch Canyon
Leavenworth, WA 98826



Wynne Stewart, LMT, CHT
(509) 885-4445

Registration Fee

$395.00 per person

Early Bird Deadline:
per person by
Thurs, Feb 7, 2019