FAQs for
Entering The Healing Temple®

We will add more FAQs as more come in, so if you have other questions, please contact Katherine.

1. How does the Application Process work?

  • Contact me, Katherine, to apply.

  • I will review your application personally, and get back to you within 48 hours, to set up a phone conversation.

  • Together, we’ll determine whether or not this Training is a good fit, for where you’re heading in your practice, as well as for the needs of Entering the Healing Temple.

  • If it’s not, we’ll either step away or we’ll map out what needs to happen, in order for “the fit” to emerge.

  • If it IS a fit, you’ll pay the $500 non-refundable deposit, and you’ll choose either the Full Pay or a Payment Plan.

  • Then... the opening of the Temple Gates.

2. How does THE TRAINING work?

We will be working together both in-person and online.

In-person: September 19-22, 2019 we will share 4 full days together in the woods and on the shores of the beautiful, historic, Victorian seaport, Port Townsend, WA. In the spirit of Entering the Healing Temple, this will be a retreat in itself. You will receive a combination of experiential elements, and didactic downloads. During one of those days, you will experience a full Healing Temple. And you’ll have a chance to deeply connect with the other women who’ll be learning along with you. These in-person connections will become the web we all “lean into,” when THE TRAINING is over. 

Online: On September 11th, we will gather online — one week before you arrive in Port Townsend — to virtually “meet” one another, and to orient you to the next 3 months. Once you return home from Port Townsend, your training schedule will include 10 gatherings online, along with homework, on Wednesdays at 11:00-12:30 PT, in 2019 (dates TBA).

3. What will I be licensed to do?

You will be licensed to produce Entering the Healing Temple® –  A Day of Sanctuary for Women in your community. You will have access to all the images, marketing templates and processes, as well as the administrative templates and processes required to put on a Healing Temple. 

4. Do I need to have attended a Healing Temple first, before taking this type of training?

Short answer: No, you do not need to have attended one. When you come to Port Townsend, you will experience a full Temple while you’re there.

Longer answer: The reason you don’t need to have attended a Healing Temple is that I am looking for women who are seasoned in their practice, who intuitively “get it:” that the form itself matches what you are looking for, in your own practice.  You have a sense of feeling “the call.” And you trust yourself, to take the leap: you just want a platform! 

(Of the first group of trainees, one had never experienced a Temple, she just knew. The other trainees had been in varying staff positions; and only one had been an actual participant.) 

5. Do I need to know which practitioners I'll want to have work with me in my Temple, and what type of modalities I need to have, before coming to THE TRAINING?

No. In fact, it’s better if you don’t have practitioners all lined up: you will learn all about choosing practitioners and modalities during THE TRAINING.

6. What can be expected, re: making back my training investment?

With THE TRAINING, you will be able to make back your investment within 2 Temples. And that’s via the Temples, alone. Whatever income you generate via what you offer to women as follow-up to your Temples will, of course, help you make back your investment more quickly. 

7. Do you have a payment plan?

Yes. There is a $500 non-refundable Program Acceptance Fee, payable upon acceptance into THE TRAINING.  We will discuss payment during our Application conversation, so that you can choose what works best for you (full pay, 2 installments or 3 installments). Tuition will range between ~$3997 and ~$4997. This includes the $500 non-refundable Program Acceptance Fee. 

The Full Pay plan, paid within a week of acceptance into THE TRAINING, will save you the most; the installment plans will give you more time – all payments will be complete by September 11, 2019. You and Katherine will work out the details in your application phone call. 

8. When is the next TRAINING?

Right now, I have no idea. But if this one is a wild success, you bet I will! So it really depends on who’s ready to let go of the trapeze, and fly into this training. The question is, “Are you feeling the call?” Are you willing to trust your intuition, and allow things to fall into place, for you? (It’s an FAQ I ask myself, all the time.) 

9.  How will the housing piece work? Where will we stay?

Accommodations are not included in the licensing/training fee. That said, I’m looking into booking a beautiful Airbnb in Port Townsend, to house some of our training no more than 10 minutes from downtown Port Townsend. The first 5 women who want to share accommodations can reserve sleeping space there, to be right in the heart of it! [The total cost for 4 nights is TBD, based on the cost of the housing; I’m looking at no more than $400/person for this piece.] 
I will book a second Airbnb, if there is further interest in sharing housing.

10. Can I arrange my own housing?

Yes! You are welcome to arrange your own housing. Please note that Port Townsend is a “destination getaway,” and accommodations fill quickly at this time of year. I recommend that you book your reservations very soon. Everything in Port Townsend is within 10 minutes of everything else, so don’t worry too much about where you land.

Here are some links to check:

11. How do I get to Port Townsend?

See our Transportation & Directions page.

12. How will the food work?

Continental/light breakfasts, as well as all lunches are included, accommodating food sensitivities and allergies.

Dinners will be on your own. Here are some links to check: