Do you want to take your mastery to the next level?
Through the lens of producing and guiding
a powerful event for women in your community?

You’ve been doing your work as a healer — or some sort of body-centered practitioner — for years, now. Or you might be a life coach, or in HR, and have had your own yoga, swimming, whatever-that’s-physical practice for years. As the world situation continues to get more intense, you KNOW, in your heart-of-hearts, that we are at a pivotal time. And that you want to make a difference, in a bigger way… but you’re not really sure how. Or what form it could take.

Truly: as healers, life coaches, and community health providers who are deepening our commitment to self-care as healthcare, and our understanding of embodiment as empowerment, we are challenged to step into our next level of mastery, and to experiment with new forms that help pave the way toward “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible.”

Entering the Healing Temple® — A Day of Sanctuary for Women is exactly that: a new and unique form — an intimate, structured-yet-spacious, potent event in service to over-busy women who are desperately needing to “lay it all down,” for the day. For you, as the producer and guide of these events, it’s also like a whetstone for your consciousness, and for your mastery as a healer/coach/community health provider. Stepping into the Training is becoming part of an intimate and supportive web of women — where we can lean into our connections, help each other out, and grow leaps and bounds — together.

Does that sound good, to you?

Learn how — and get licensed — to produce The Healing Temple, in your own community. (If you don’t know much about The Temple yet, you can go here first, to check it out.)

Registration is now open for
the September 2019 Training

We are looking for body-centered practitioners who are connected with and want to serve their general, local communities — and/or all kinds of more specific communities: caregivers, teens, Latina, African-American, and Asian-American women, LGBTQ womxn, healthcare workers, teachers, social activists, mothers & daughters… the possibilities are endless. And, yes — although so far it’s still a bit ahead of its time, there is a growing call to have Healing Temples for both men and women. (Maybe that’s where you come in!) 

Here are the steps:

  1.  Check out the video, if you like, and read the information below along with the FAQs.

  2.  If this is calling to you, please fill out an application (no obligation to register).

  3. After you submit your application, I will review it personally and get back to you within 48 hours, to set up a phone conversation.

  4.  If we both decide it’s a good fit, you will choose a payment plan and sign the contract.

  5.  I’ll graciously receive your deposit, and you’ll be on the way to your Temple journey!



Here’s the basic info:

This event, beloved by staff and participants alike, is in-person and local. At a time when online programs, designed to serve dozens — or hundreds! — of women at a time, are everywhere available, Entering the Healing Temple is a breath of fresh air. Women are craving meaningful, intimate connection... and you can be the one who is creating that possibility, in your community — without having to invent the form, yourself!

And, yes: you can make money, doing it.

Entering the Healing Temple is a mostly-silent gathering, designed to replenish body and soul — for women to re-connect with their body's wisdom, under the care of five skilled Healing Practitioners and three other staff — including you. It’s a chance for them to drop in, and see what’s true. What’s needed. What’s real. So that they can return to the outside world feeling centered, peaceful, and with the sense that their cup is full. 

When you begin to offer The Healing Temple two or three times a year in your community, you have a lovely jumping off point: a place where women can see your work... and choose to go deeper with you, as you follow-up The Temple with your own beautiful offerings.

Begins September 11th
In Port Townsend, Washington Sept 19-22


“I already know how to produce workshops.
Why would I take this training?”

That’s a great question—and probably a very personal one for you. That said, here are some reflections from previous Trainees:


“I felt honored to be considered for the role of Temple Guide. For me, signing up and being selected for the Training were the first steps to embodied ownership of mastery. The Training was much more than I expected or could have even imagined. Katherine was so organized and well prepared...she made the whole experience a special treat—every detail considered and attended to. Her patient, insightful approach was just what I needed…and there is something so lovely about her earthy presence. Also, the mastery level of the other women in the Training made the group rich with both wisdom and compassion. If I began to list the ways in which this training has stretched me, I would need another lifetime! I see it show up in every area of my life. Katherine continues to teach, support and love me...this is priceless. It is with a very grateful heart, much love and laughter that I share this snapshot of my experience in The Healing Temple Training.” ~ Wynne Stewart, LMT, CHt, Temple Guide, Leavenworth, WA


“Being a Healing Temple Guide connects me for two months with a deep, healing vibration that I need and want as part of my life. And, as someone who is NOT a day-to-day healing practitioner, I love integrating the process of producing and guiding a Temple as part of MY life, and MY healing. It lets me stay intimately close with the mystery and the truth of healing.~ Melinda Pedersen, Temple Guide, Humboldt County, CA


“At some level, it really works to feel/experience some kind of calling to the Temple Training. That calling could be anything: toward professional growth; to deepen your practice; wanting to take this powerful form out into the community; an opportunity to expand or express something that is growing in you, like a light, a whisper—a way of expanding or deepening your relationship with your Self. It definitely seems like it needs to feel like/be a match somehow for each woman who feels called, and even though you might not be able to articulate that calling fully yet, that’s OK. The fact of being drawn somehow, is key.” ~ Christine Merchant, MA, Temple Guide, Portland, ME

Here are a few good, practical reasons you might not have considered yet, as well as reasons why some other seasoned practitioners like you are eager to take the training:

  1. Once you complete THE TRAINING, you will be licensed to offer Entering the Healing Temple – A Day of Sanctuary for Women in your local community.

  2. Everything is all laid out for you. Producing a Healing Temple is a bit complex: it has a lot of moving parts—which is one reason it’s such a unique and effective event! But you don’t need to be daunted: unlike, say, producing a yoga workshop, a Healing Temple has its own idiosyncrasies that need attention... and I can share all of that, with you.

  3. You won’t be going it alone. You will be in a group of women who are also producing Healing Temples in their own communities—a supportive web of lovelies that you can learn from, and lean into as, together, we continue birthing the form into being.

  4. Producing—and guiding—a Healing Temple is a powerful whetstone for your consciousness... and for your personal and professional growth. Why? Because there is an inherently spiritual element to all of what you are doing: the decisions you make all along the way; how you approach your process, as a Temple Guide; and how you “show up” for the women who are seeking a space where there is permission to Be, to receive, to reflect... and where what happens is deeply meaningful. It’s not a simple “here’s the instruction manual—now go out and host a Healing Temple.” Instead, the how-to’s become a structure and a focal point, for you to tend to your own soul-level growth and vision.

Why are other seasoned practitioners taking this training?

  • They want to offer something that’s valuable, potent, and different, yet somehow familiar... and don’t want to make it up, from scratch!

  • Some have actually experienced a Healing Temple, love it, and want to be licensed to produce it themselves.

  • They want a way to offer something awesome, and be compensated for it.

  • They want the opportunity to cultivate and bring new and different clients, from each Healing Temple, into their established healing-related businesses—a bonus side-effect manifesting in additional connections and compensation.

  • They want to develop themselves as a “hub”—a “go to” place that women think of, when they know they need sacred space and time.

  • They are intrigued and excited by the form itself: the structure and choreography of the day.

  • They want continuing education that aligns with where they are going in their work, and that aligns with their values of creating a more conscious, embodied world.

  • They want to connect with the other women who are birthing this multi-dimensional, integrative day.

  • They feel called by the Mystery of it all, and are surrendering to the Calling itself, trusting that the details and the future will work itself out.


If you are reading this, you are probably feeling The Call.
So, thank you for your interest in THE TRAINING!

This is who we’re looking for:

  • You are a seasoned practitioner (e.g., life coach, counselor, wellness practitioner, healer).

  • You are inspired by a vision of a world that is inhabited by people who are free to be “in” their bodies, creating “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible.”

  • You’d love to be able to offer a potent and meaningful event in your community – but you don’t want to have to invent the whole danged thing.

  • You are organized, with attention to detail, but you love to see the big picture, imagining how you can be a part of creating more resilience in your community, around self-care as healthcare... around cultivating body intelligence and intuitive knowing as pathways to personal authority and power…

  • You want to be more visible as a trusted resource for thoughtful, high quality, body-centered offerings for women.

  • You want to collaborate with Healing Practitioners: to have fun together, to serve the women of your community together, and to hold sacred space together.

  • You know your local community of healing practitioners – or have ties to women who can help you with that.

  • You are either connected in, with your general, local community, or with more specific communities within that, like caregivers, teens, Latina, African-American, and Asian-American women, LGBTQ womxn, healthcare workers, teachers, social activists, mothers & daughters… the possibilities are endless. And, yes — although so far it’s still a bit ahead of its time, there is a growing call to have Healing Temples for both men and women. (Maybe that’s where you come in!)

  • You are fairly computer-savvy, and are excellent at follow-up/follow-through.

  • You are comfortable talking with people on the phone, and describing complex things in accessible language.

  • You have solid group facilitation skills, and are on a spiritual path (or a path of personal evolution)... because producing Entering the Healing Temple® – A Day of Sanctuary for Women is a whetstone for that. :)

Not a great fit if:

  • You are fairly new to your practice.

  • You and computers are like water and oil.

  • You don’t like talking with people on the phone, sharing about what you’re offering and helping them with self-referenced decision-making.

  • You aren’t engaged in cultivating your own embodied wisdom.

  • You are mainly about the money (“partially about the money” is fine!).

  • You aren’t interested in being more visible in your community.


What is included in THE TRAINING?

This will be experiential, blended with “didactic downloads.” The intention is that our in-person time is as much a source of nourishment as it is a source of information.


Pre-Retreat Group Phone Gathering on September 11, 2019, to connect before we meet in person, to help us all show up at the retreat focused, energized and ready to rock n’ roll!

4-day, in-person Retreat in Port Townsend, WA, September 19-22, 2019

  • You will be experiencing a Healing Temple: a full day as a participant in Entering the Healing Temple – A Day of Sanctuary for Women

  • Weaving our connection as a group: philosophy, ceremony, story, building the web

  • Introducing the Mind- (and Heart-!) sets for Temple Guides/Producers

  • De-constructing the day itself: understanding all the “parts,” and doing a deeper dive into all the elements that, together, create the container that is The Healing Temple

  • Having time to integrate the material in an embodied way, throughout (there will be music! And silent forests... and shoreline...)

  • Lunches and simple breakfasts are included; dinners are on your own, ex. Saturday night

  • Saturday night dinner/gathering

  • Note: Accommodations are arranged separately from the program fee; see FAQs #9 & 10.

10 Ninety-minute Group Phone Gatherings, to deliver the remainder of the program content, including the following:

  • Administrative processes – budget; how to charge; tracking everything/keeping lists re: the people, the money; the communication structures

  • The Venue – cost considerations, contracts

  • How to find and select Healing Practitioners and other staff

  • Marketing – who does what, when, through what channels

  • Follow-up – what to offer women after a Temple

  • Communications 1 & 2 – working with participants; working with staff

  • “Riffing on the Form: What about doing Healing Temples for _______?”

  • Business Basics – using an email program, having a merchant account, record-keeping, etc.

2 Private, Post-Training/Pre-Temple Strategy Sessions with Katherine:

These phone sessions give you individualized attention on what’s next, and answer any questions you have so that you can move forward with birthing your first Temple into the world! The first call will happen immediately following completion of the 3-month TRAINING; the second call will be closer to your first Healing Temple.

1 Post-Temple De-Brief Session with Katherine:

The Monday after your first Healing Temple, you will have a 1-hour session to de-brief the experience: to share what worked, what surprised you, what the glitches were... and what you are celebrating!!! 

Listing your first Temple on the Entering the Healing Temple website,  including:

  • the guidance, tech support, and editing you need to create a beautiful and professional "landing" page

  • guidance, tech support and editing for your staff pictures and bios

  • a registration and payment page, customized for your Temple specifics, and a wait-list page.

You’ll be in good company, with the full list of all Temples scheduled in 2020... and you’ll be all set to register your first participants!

Homework: during a few specific weeks, to help you practice and integrate the material.

MP3 Recordings of all Group Phone Gatherings, as well as your Private Sessions

Hand-outs, templates and checklists to make your whole organizing process run smoothly.

UPON COMPLETION OF THIS TRAINING, you will be licensed to offer Entering the Healing Temple—A Day of Sanctuary for Women in your local area. [Note: Producing Healing Temples in other locations involves additional training/licensing.]

Cost of THE TRAINING is $3,997
*Your program must be paid-in-full before the first day of the Training: September 11, 2019.

Have questions?

Please read THE TRAINING FAQs for more information or email me at

Want to apply? Great!

Please fill out the Training Application. (This is your first step—there is no contractual obligation in filling out the form.)

What happens next?

After you submit your application, I will review it personally and get back to you within 48 hours, to set up a phone conversation.

Together, we’ll determine whether or not THE TRAINING is a good fit, for where you’re heading in your practice, as well as for the needs of Entering the Healing Temple®.

If it’s not, we’ll either step away or we’ll map out what needs to happen, in order for “the fit” to emerge.
If it IS a fit, you’ll pay the $500 non-refundable deposit, and you’ll choose either the Full Pay or the Payment Plan (see THE TRAINING FAQs for more information on the fee). [August 15th update: Payment Plan time period has closed. We’ll jump right in and make arrangements for completing your Full Pay by the September 11th starting date!]

Then... the opening of the Temple Gates.