Katherine Macomber Millman, LMT

The heart of my practice is to use skilled, intuitive touch while offering you a deep and kind presence. In honoring your body’s needs, and attending to your body’s responses, I invite you to go deeper. I invite you to listen. I invite you to create an intention, or to pose questions to your inner wisdom. All of this allows a beautiful unfolding of the mysteriously magical ways of doing your inner and outer work in a body-centered way. License #MA00005496

Favorite Modalities

The modalities I use most often are:

  • CranioSacral Therapy (training through the Upledger Institute, since 1993)

  • Zero Balancing (since 1994)

  • Soul Lightening Acupressure (since 2001)

  • Reiki, Third Degree (Usui System)

  • The Emotion Code, Tapping and Rapid Eye Technology for focused and swift clearing of emotions and beliefs that no longer serve your body

  • Relaxing, Basic Massage – the kind that you think of when you’re imagining “getting a massage:” slow, focused Swedish or Deep Tissue-style bodywork.


Listen to Katherine:

The Grateful Messenger’s “Meet Katherine Macomber Millman!” podcast by Denise Correll.

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My Personal Practices

There’s a reason we call this a bodywork “practice.”

Being a bodyworker is a never-ending learning process. Not only on the technical level, but also — and perhaps more importantly — on the personal level. My personal practices — what I do for my own personal growth — give me the presence of mind to offer clarity, kindness and generosity to you, as well as to maintain a level of self-care that respects and honors my own body/mind/spirit.

My personal practices are fluid, over time; currently, they include: receiving bodywork, water aerobics, dancing, singing, chanting, meditating, and journal-writing.

Life Experiences

These days, I spend most of my time in the Present.

However, “what I bring to the (massage) table” is the sum-total of my life experiences, and how I have integrated them. There’s a certain capacity for depth and breadth that I value, be it intellectually, or in terms of touch or pressure, or in terms of being able to grok whatever you bring to your session.

Foundational influences on my bodywork practice include over 30 years of Vipassana (Buddhist) Meditation, studying Transformational Movement/Movement Therapy, and growing up on the East Coast in a family-centered family with parents who were together and loved each other ’til my Dad passed at 83.

More specific life experiences that inform my practice:

Being in elementary school at the height of the 1960’s Civil Rights era. Being on a spiritual path since my teens, and waking up to being a woman in the height of the 1970’s second wave of feminism. Going to a gigantic university (B.A., Michigan State) and then spending a year at an ivy league Divinity School (Harvard). Being in state- and local-level leadership as a political activist, focused on ending violence against women in the pioneering days of educating communities about domestic violence. Experiencing the full breadth of a long-term marriage, and its dissolution. Experiencing full-on, knock-you-to-your-knees heartbreak. Birthing a daughter at age 41. Having an “empty nest.” Experiencing some of the physical and emotional fall-out of car “accidents.” Fully recovering from “frozen shoulder” (twice). Going to Peru on retreat in shamanic ceremonies. Traveling to Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, and most recently, Ireland and France. Experiencing Structural Integration. Living for 27 years in a creative, rural, coastal town with a strong sense of can-do and deeply-connected community.

Contact: katherine@insightbodywork / 360.385.5982