Are you tired of over-riding your body's needs for relaxation and rest?

Do you sense that you could be more authentic and confident if you only felt more connected to your body's natural wisdom and vitality? 

While getting regular bodywork is a great way to take care of yourself, learning how to navigate your whole life from a body-centered place is really the key to unhooking from a stress-filled life. It opens you to living in loving kindness, balance, peace -- and fun.

My invitation to you is to get really literal about “being the change.”

It’s the invitation to embody your most essential and true Self, by learning to deeply listen, experience your body as your ally, and trust your body’s wisdom.

How Are You
Navigating These Times?

I invite you to read this slowly... so that you can really take it in.

There is a lot going on right now. That is usually true, especially during the changing of the seasons, or during the holidays. But this year has it’s own unique flavor, of things we recall when we look back over the past several months. And whether our recollections take us to paranoia or pronoia (the sneaking suspicion that the whole world is conspiring to shower you with blessings -- thank you, Rob Brezsny), there seems to be a lot to metabolize at this moment in time. Perhaps a lot to question -- certainly a lot to do.

If I were to offer just one thing in the space of all that, it would be this...

The most powerful way to have any kind of grace or ease at this time
is to get connected with your body, and to drop into a place of deep trust.

You might say, “I’m too busy to connect to my body. I’m juggling too many things.” This is what happens when calendars or psyches are over-full. The detail level is insane to track. And there's no room for ease.

“I'm scared to feel all of this. It’s too much to handle by myself.”

“I don't have time to feel.” This is what happens when there is a sense of time speeding up, or compressing, of not having enough time, or of feeling rushed. When you don’t have time to cry, don’t have time to laugh, or don’t have time to stop.

So, what happens when you get connected to your body? 

You become acutely aware of what you need. You might need connection. Protein. Tears. A walk. You get to feel what you are feeling. You get to touch into your emotions, and express them. All of that will move your energy, and keep you healthy, honest and Real.

From that place of body connection, how do you drop into a place of deep trust?  You take it out of the level of concept, and into the level of felt experience. You drop into that place that’s below the level of thought (so, drop your awareness below your eyebrows), below worry or grief (so, drop your awareness below your heart), and then you land in a place that feels kind of like the shape of an arc, or a cradle. Into a sense of being held. For some, words for this place may be something like, “Being held in the hands of God.” Or “Being held in the arms of the Goddess.” Or “Being held in the expanse of the Universe.” For others, there is not someone or something doing the holding - it’s simply the raw experience of being held. Where you can feel the back of your body curve into a gentle arc, and the sensation of your back being “received.” That is the place of deep trust.

What happens when you experience deep trust? 

You’re not freaked out. You can take action from a place of clarity and confidence.  You can be calm, in the face of all the wildness that is happening. You can “be there,” for other people. You can take leadership, in your own special way, and be a part of birthing this new world, that is emerging before our very eyes. A world in which we are collectively more connected, more grounded, more engaged and more awake than ever before.

Consider it. Try it. Practice it. Connect to your body, and drop into deep trust. Let me know how that is, for you. I would love to feel your presence.


This is a Reprint, updated, of an article from the December, 2012 Newsletter.
If you want to share it, please give credit to:
Katherine Macomber Millman, LMP/Insight Bodywork. Thank you!